Shared accommodation 2016

According to Biletto – when posting this – there are still spots available in shared accommodation. It is mass-lodging in one large room so you meed to bring your own sleeping stuff: mattress & sleeping bag. There are 3 showers, loads of toilets and refridgerators.

Remember the golden rule – Leave no trace! The lodging shall be as clean when you leave as it was when you arrived.

Art grants are due soon

Yes, this is now looking like a website. Bengt is maintaining the site (if you want to be a part of it Bengt and I have admin accounts that can give you accesses if you want add to it).

Art grants are due today (art grant will be decided by December 14 2016).
The form is also found through the website:
The budgeted calculation estimate that there is total 30000 SEK available. The calculation can be looked at in the google document. If you in some way can help us with improving our expenses in the calculation there will be more headroom for the art grants.


At the moment rides are wished from Stockholm / Uppsala. Add where you are going to travel from and see if you get some travelingfrineds. I wrote a quick recommendation for how to get here on the webpage. See it at:
It’s probably missing your route, Id bee glad to hear how you travel and add your way to the route list.

Accommodation is now becoming harder to get. So all the cheap places are full. Have a look at:, There is still room in the hostels in Helsingör. The building is not approved for people to stay there therefor we are only open 10:00 – 05:00 (10AM-5AM).

Important, sound camp level 1! This will affect placement! Now there is more room on the 2 floor!
To be able to have the Soundcamp on the same floor as the welcome, first aid, bandcamp and so on there is demand on lighter music volume 10.00 – 18.00.
That gives more camps places to take! Go and grab your space. The link is in the document:

Be happy,

Local Tribe

PS. reach out on our chats at (start in general):