Read about Spark in the dark 2016.

We have no 24/7 access to the venue. The venue is open 19 hours all of the six days and closed between 05.00 and 10.00 each morning.
It is not allowed to stay inside the venue during that time.

Leave no trace!
Remember that what you bring in you also bring out.

The venue: Magasin 405
Magasin 405 is a warehouse with concrete floors. We’re not allowed to drill any holes (leave no trace). You need to keep that in mind when you plan and build your camps.

You claim a spot on the interactive map.

Emergency exits and paths
Each camp is responsible to have an at least 1.2 meters wide passage thru its area, connecting to adjacent camps passages / open areas. Plan this with your neighbors!

Each camp is strongly encouraged to make its own indoor space with walls and roofs. The aim is to get a “bazaar” feeling and to have many structures in the hall. This is both to create more intimate spaces as well we for sound-reasons: the hall is big and we need a lot of structures to absorb as much sound as possible!
Note: if your camp contains nudity or sexual content, it is required to have walls.

For sound reasons we encourage as much use of fabric as possible. If you can, we also encourage matts – the ground is cold concrete, so using matts will make for a lot nicer camp!

Open fire – not allowed indoors
Since it is indoors, no open fires are allowed.
Be careful with candles – never leave them unattended!
No smoking indoors.

Light and lamps
There will be no lights on in the warehouse. This means each camp must bring the lamps they need for their creation.

Art grants
If you have any project that you would love to get funding for, then read about Art grants.

Between 10.00 – 20.00 the soundcamp on level 1 will not be so loud. After 20.00 it will however be heard in the entire venue. If you are planing evening activities, be aware of that there might be background sound from the soundcamp.