Getting here

International arrivals

We know that some are flying to Copenhagen. So generally for people that come through Denmark/Copenhagen: Take the train to Helsingör and the boat to Helsingborg and walk from the station. You can buy your tickets all the way to Helsingborg at the airport in the Skånetrafienmachines.
CPH – Helsingör, trains and buses go 24/7.
Helsingör -Helsingborg, ferries go 24/7.

From Copenhagen there is also the train through Malmö. Though it looks smother though it takes more time but it is in fact not due to the “temporary border controls” between Sweden and Denmark sins 2014. Witch not only doubles the time compared to going through Helsingör it is also a bit more expensive and not as time nonindependent.
CPH – Malmö 04:00-01.00.
Malmö – Helsingborg go 05:00-00.20. (correct theses later)

Inter Sweden (+Berlin train) transportation

Westside travelers jump on one of the trains or busses from Oslo/Gothenburg.
Eastside travelers and Berlin traintakers jump on trains/buses to Helsingborg but generally they go first to Hässleholm or Lund where you change to the train (or bus) to Helsingborg.
Walk the last 700m from the central station to the venue.