By attending Spark in the Dark you agree to:

  • Actively contribute in the creation of the event.
  • Take responsibility for everything regarding your own participation. Including for example: transportation, food, water & hygiene.
  • Read, understand and follow The Ten Principles.
  • Read, understand and follow The 11th Principle: Consent!.
  • Read, understand and follow the Photography rules.
  • To Leave No Trace!
  • That you are over age 18. Any participants under age 18 must be registered and accompanied by their legal guardians.

Read about Spark in the dark 2016.

We have no 24/7 access to the venue. The venue is closed between 05.00 and 10.00 each morning.
It is not allowed to stay inside the venue during that time.

It’s up to YOU to arrange for your accommodation during Spark in the park. There’s no sleeping at the venue.

Leave no trace!
Remember that what you bring in you also bring out.