Spark 2016

Where: Magasin 405, Oceangatan 2, 25225 Helsingborg

When: December 28 2016 – January 02 2017
December 28 and 29 2016 are construction days.
December 30 Opening ceremony (preliminary).
December 31 is New year’s Eve.
January 1 2017 is burn (preliminary).
January 2 2017 is deconstruction day.

We have no 24/7 access to the venue. The venue is closed between 05.00 and 10.00 each morning.
It is not allowed to stay inside the venue during that time.

It’s up to YOU to arrange for your accommodation during Spark in the park. There’s no sleeping at the venue.

Dance floor
The dance floor is on the ground level.

Between 10.00 – 20.00 the soundcamp on level 1 will not be so loud. After 20.00 it will however be heard in the entire venue. If you are planing evening activities, be aware of that there might be background sound from the soundcamp.

No smoking indoors!
No smoking indoors, go outside when you want to smoke.

No swimming!
Swimming is prohibited in the harbor due to currents and the ferries. Stay away from the water.

Leave no trace!
Remember that what you bring in you also bring out.

Use the Guide to find out more.